The Criminal Investigations Division contains investigators with special areas of expertise. Investigators assigned to these units receive extensive training in the latest scientific methods and legal aspects of law enforcement.

They are responsible for investigating crimes of a serious nature that require time and specialized expertise in the following areas:

Drug/Narcotic Crimes
Property Crimes
Sex Crimes

Members of the unit can be reached during normal business hours but are always available on an as needed basis.

The Investigation Unit is responsible for collecting and processing evidence, especially from major crime scenes. They are required to maintain expertise in all the latest scientific methods of latent print development, trace evidence, blood splatter interpretation, alternative light source evidence collection, and documentation of crime scenes.

They are responsible for investigating all drug violations in the city.

Responsibilities include:

Working undercover
Investigating major drug operations
Working with state and federal authorities

In addition, these officers are also active in drug abuse prevention, and give lectures and training sessions to parents, school officials, and civic organizations. Investigators work various hours and their assignments often takes them out of town.