The Emergency Communications Center is the designated 911 PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for the City of Newbern regarding police, fire and medical emergency needs.
There are 5 Communications Specialists assigned to operations. Additional support staff consists of a Terminal Agency Cordinator (TAC) and Reporting Agency Cordinator (RAC) and Center Administrator.

The Emergency Communications Center dispatches for the following agencies:
Police Department
Servicing an area approximately 8 square miles with a population of approximately 3000. Newbern City Map
Fire Department
Servicing the area and population of Newbern and additional service area of approximately 150 square miles within Dyer County.
City Utilities Departments
Servicing the City of Newbern and an area approximately 150 square miles within Dyer County.

The equipment and technology used in the center consists of communication equipment to communicate within the city agencies and surrounding counties. Computer Aided Dispatch, GIS mapping, Enhanced 911, NCIC (National Crime Information Center) terminal, emergency action protocols for diasters and critical events and instant call check recorder. Also included in the center is a DTN weather computer and Davis real time weather station.
All Communications Specialists must complete a Communication Field Training and Evaluation Program as well as NCIC/TCIC Training and Certification Program.

Records Division

The Records Division maintains all files of the department and coordinates the transfer of needed information between courts, businesses and individuals.
Records available upon request in person.
Accident Reports
Offense Reports
Arrest Reports
Employment and Military Background Checks
Fees for copies may apply. The Records Division of the Newbern Police Department is available between 7am and 3pm Monday thru Friday.

Newbern City Map

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